Petroff Gallery makes sourcing artwork for your clients a seamless experience through our network of over 200 Canadian artists in the mediums of Painting and Photography, Glass, Ceramics and Mixed Media. We have a strong background in coordinating custom work to compliment interior design and have actively worked with a broad range of designers and their clients for over 30 years. 

We can offer you and your clients:

-In home art consultation 

-Art approval program (72 hour policy)

-Digital placement of artworks in situ

-Custom Commissions

-Access to the STACKS our extended inventory at your fingertips

-Framing consultation and fabrication

-Coordination of delivery and installation

-Worldwide shipping

Our Interior Designer Program provides designers a 10-15% reduction in retail pricing for artwork and 25% for framing.

We invite you to the gallery to view our collections or feel free to register online for the Designer/Trade Program and look forward to working with you.

    To inquire about Petroff Gallery's trade program please contact us at 416-782-1696 or complete this form and email it to