Tash Damjanovic

Tash Damjanovic is a Canadian, Toronto-based fine art photographer, and has spent over 25 years focusing on creating abstract, painter-like images that are inspired by the fundamental elements. Her works have been exhibited in numerous shows and venues in Canada and the US, and appear in private collections across North America, South America and Europe.Her work has been featured in a variety of local print and TV media.

Tash Damjanovic’s work celebrates beauty, hidden in all the usual and sometimes unusual places. It is both a challenge and a source of excitement for her to choose to see with new eyes. It requires pausingand diving deep into a particular point in space and time. Focusing on form, colour and contrast, to the exclusion of everything else.

The captured images are often entirely stripped of their context, their source at times a mystery and their appearance open to interpretation. What remains is elemental, sensual and unexpected, and offers the possibility that our experience of reality can be completely redefined.  


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