Michelle Mendlowitz

Michelle has been dedicated to developing her own personal language within ceramics since discovering a love for clay in high school.  With a knack for exploiting the function and form of clay, she explores the ideas of the vessel, which are inextricable from the ceramic medium as a whole.

Since entering the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) in 2000, Michelle has exhibited in several art shows and galleries throughout Toronto and Waterloo.  She is also the recipient of many awards, only more of which are sure to come as she continues to immerse herself in the local art community.

Michelle’s work is very personal to her and exposes the subconscious nature of her creative process.  Her mantra of “build, clean, scrape, carve, draw, paint, reveal and conceal” is evident in each one of her works, as well as the influences of nature, architecture and the human form. 

“They are both action and reaction – each one informing the next.”


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