Ian Kochberg

Ian Kochberg is a throwback to a quieter time; a nobler era, where pride and craftsmanship were the norm, rather than the exception. A gifted child artist by the age of fourteen, Ian was already recognized as "a technical genius" by Mr. Alan H. Jarvis, late director of the National Gallery in Ottawa. Upon graduating college & university, Ian taught himself printmaking, at which point the "technical genius" blossomed.

Using materials and methods that pre-date the Renaissance, he painstakingly creates each of his original prints by hand in his own uniquely innovative style. A stubborn, uncompromising perfectionist, Ian is a genuine modern-day master of this ancient craft. His striking original graphics are renowned for their keen wit, precision and artistic excellence. Each original print is a marriage of two distinct printmaking techniques: serigraphy and embossed etching.

All works are framed and ready to hang.

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