Kayo O'Young

Kayo O’Young is a self-taught Ontario artist who is recognized as one of Canada’s finest porcelain potters.  In the industry, he is known as “a potter’s potter” and he serves as both teacher and inspiration to numerous ceramic artists. Kayo’s work continues to be the focus of numerous exhibits in prestigious museums, galleries, and private and public collections   worldwide.  He has also been the subject of two documentary films: The Hand and the Spirit (TV Ontario, 1992) and Playing with Fire (CBC Arts and Entertainment, 1993).

Kayo’s minimalist style is at once quiet and inviting, much like the idyllic setting where he lives and works.  His pieces are one-of-a-kind originals that bear characteristic details that set his work apart from the rest.  From cool, snow white to warm and rustic ochre, Kayo’s bowls and vases seamlessly fit in any environment while completely standing out on their own.


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