Robert Buick

Robert Buick fell in love with glass while attending Sheridan College School of Crafts and Design, where he graduated in 1989.  After exploring different craft media, it was glass that became his passion.  Focusing on the fusing and slumping techniques, Robert strives to cross the boundaries of classical technique and truly push the limits of this material.  

With an eye for composition, Robert skillfully arranges pieces of dichroic glass, cane and filament to create sculptural and two-dimensional works that are carefully balanced and visually pleasing.  For the past 25 years he’s been creating unique and highly desirable works that demonstrate his expertise and boundless creativity.  His compulsion for artistic expression and innovation is evident in the most recent slumped and cast glass sculptures, a culmination of many years of dedication and experimentation.

Robert’s works have exhibited in galleries and juried craft shows throughout North America including Miami, California and Philadelphia.  He has been featured in numerous publications and his works can even be found in the Japanese Embassy and celebrity homes.


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