Peter Colbert

Originally from Vancouver, Peter's formal study began in the Graphic Design program at Humber College, followed by two years at the Ontario College of Art, where his talent was recognized and rewarded through the George A. Reid scholarship. Peter quickly found an enthusiastic and supportive international audience for his work. Winning a prestigious award at the Exposition d’Art Montreal in 2007. This was followed by two very successful shows at the Toronto Art Expo and further exposure on television and in key galleries across Canada.

”Colour is the most important component of any of my paintings, the result of constant layering and examination of its relationship with the all the other elements, such as structure, composition and technique. The result has subconscious things going on which I don’t always plan or contrive while I’m doing the deed.  Some of my key influences are the works of Diebenkorn, Manet, Homer and Rothko". 

Peter's work is characterized by his impressionistic imagery, bold strokes and striking use of colour, inspiring immediate and strong reactions in the viewer.


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