Jerre Davidson

Born in Scotland, Jerre immigrated to Canada in 1988.  She initially worked in stained glass and was introduced to kiln-forming glass while living in Virginia in 2000.   Fascinated by this new medium, she set out to learn as much as she could about how glass behaves under heat. Working from photographs she takes of the local countryside, she captures a specific moment in time that is then interpreted in glass. 

Her landscapes are created exclusively out of glass.  She shapes the glass trees and branches over a flame and using frits (small granules of glass) she sets out the images layer by layer to communicate her experience to the viewer. Some pieces are assembled and fired face down allowing for a more impressionistic image.  Others are composed of a number of layers fired face up many times to create complex visual depth.  She sometimes manipulates the glass in the kiln while it is hot to add more movement to the piece but in every work the underlying goal is to communicate the movement and rhythm within the landscape.  Currently, she is exploring sculptural kiln-cast work. The movement of waves and currents and local rock formations are the inspiration for these pieces.  Her work has been exhibited in Korea, Scotland, USA and Canada and is in private collections nationally and internationally. 


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