Anna Malkin

After careful study with her father, Artist Melvyn Malkin, Anna began creating the  Malkin Raku Sheep in 2008. As part of her adventurous move from Toronto to Victoria, BC, she has established her raku studio on Hornby Island. 

Originally from Saskatoon, Anna briefly attended the University of Saskatchewan (Fine Arts) before migrating to Toronto and The Ontario College of Art. After a first year in ceramics, she gravitated toward audio and video work and graduated in that field in 1990. She has worked in the film industry for a number of years in both post production sound and video editing and has produced a number of her own short film and video works. Currently, she works as a video editor, animator and video editing instructor. Her return to ceramics is a welcome change from her computer centric video work. "Getting my hands dirty again is very satisfying."

Multiple unique pieces are available in each colour.


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