Vincent Lebert

A self taught artist, Vince Lebert first began turning wood in 1992 without any instruction or outside influence. Two years later he joined the Woodturner’s Guild of Ontario which enabled him to fine tune his use of tools and finishing techniques. 

Vince prefers to turn without the constraint of sketches or plans. The colour, grain and size of each individual piece of raw wood are what release his creativity, allowing him to create unique, one of a kind objects. Ranging in size from 1/4 inch tall to full scale turnings, the works are as decorative as they are functional. 

After many hours of exploration, experimenting and practice, he is now considered as one of Canada’s premier turners of wood miniatures. The varieties of wood he prefers to use range from domestic to exotic to enhance the full potential of each hand made object. 

For desk clocks: to change the battery, find the groove on the outer rim of clock face and gently lift up.


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