Teena & Jacquelyn Grierson

Teena and Jacquelyn Grierson are two sisters-in-law who both decided to enter the world of art for the first time. Excited and passionate about their new endeavor, Jacquelyn and Teena are devoted to creating visual enjoyment to others through these wonderful works of art. Both grew up in rural southern Alberta and seek to embody their memories and experiences of the every changing prairie landscape in their kaleidoscopes.

"A blending of movement, color and light, kaleidoscopes have fascinated young and old alike for centuries. No matter what your history, looking through a kaleidoscope renews old memories, and brings the innocence of one's childhood back into focus for a time."

The word ‘kaleidoscope’ comes from the Greek words for beauty (kalos) and form (eidos). It was coined by Sir David Brewster, who stumbled across the kaleidoscope in 1816 while conducting experiments on the geometry of colour. By the 19th century, Kaleidoscopes were in almost every drawing room in France and England.

To maintain the polish of your kaleidoscope, brush lightly with a polishing cloth. Do not use abrasive compounds.


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