Sandra Di Leo

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” — Picasso

Can we see things the way children do? Can we appreciate the beauty in simple things? Can we feel and express emotion with the same intensity as a child? In this collection, I explore these questions and conceptual ideas of memory and emotion based on childhood themes. Themes of innocence, joy, adventure and make-believe are examined and communicated through a series of paintings which document my childhood.

Fueled by memories of my joyful youth, I paint intuitively, as I am pulled between the conscious and the unconscious of my divided self. As I connect to the piece, I explore the crossover between my past observances and the present, and translate these elements into my art. I start by silencing the mind and free myself of any preconceived notions — by applying the process of unlearning I am given a new beginning which allows me to interpret my experiences with the same free spirit as they were once observed. 

I apply bold, vivid colours and relay these captured recollections through the use of colour psychology. The cheerful colour palette evokes a positive response and allows my viewers to see a world that is best described through colour instead of words. Loose expressive brushstrokes and black fluid lines are applied to convey certain emotions more boldly and express a sense of play. I add layers of colour and texture, patching and recovering until I find perfect balance and harmony. — SANDRA DI LEO


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