Rudy Kehkla

Each of Rudy's wire sculptures starts from a sketch.  Placing the sketch on the wall and using bright lights to cast a strong shadow, Rudy begins bending wire to match the shadow lines, carefully rendering his two dimensional line drawing as a three dimensional sculpture.  Movement plays an important role in Rudy's work.  Most of his subjects inspired by movement, whether he is depicting athletes in mid stride or musicians in mid note.  Many of his sculptures have kinetic elements as well.   Just walking by his pieces creates a breeze that sets each piece in motion--a violinist bows, a guitarist plucks, and a tree bends and weaves in the wind.

Rudy maintains that "my sculpture is mainly composed of air.  I use bits of wire only to define that part of air to which I want to draw my audience's attention...minimal visual clues to assist the mind to define space, or enclose a volume."

Custom commissions are available.

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