Rhonda Silverton

Thornhill, Ontario based photographer, Rhonda Silverton, is intrigued by the depth of colour and design produced by the earth. Her current passion and focus is with her abstract images of ancient rock and stone surfaces which she captured during her travels to Arizona. She found a spiritual energy in that part of the world and it seemed to be reflected in her work.

“Through my photography, I have discovered that the world in which we live is truly a magical work of art and I’m just an instrument to capture this masterpiece in print. What I find most striking is something that lies much deeper than what can be seen on the surface. I feel a sense of spiritual depth with the multitude of images that erupt from the many layers of this 225,000,000 year old stone. Could they be telling mystical stories originating back to the beginning of time? I wonder and I’m compelled to share”.

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