Peter Rotter

Landscapes dominate the subjects of Peter Rotter paintings, simply because they have always surrounded his life. Feeling is the essential motif behind Rotter’s work; the initial inspiration holds the key to the process that evolves afterwards. Peter Rotter is drawn to a particular place by a luminous colour, a certain slant of light, an interesting shape, or shadow, movement of sky, a memory of sound, smell and sense of ease. These elements are what interest and excite him, stirring his passion to paint.  

For Peter these places are found in northern Ontario. After graduating from the Ontario College of Art in 1995, painting the north was a natural homecoming. Growing up it was where he spent his summers and weekends. Growing older he’s realized the impact it made on his life and work. 

Peter Rotter relocated his home and studio from Toronto to Lakefield ON, in the Kawarthas, to be closer to his inspiration. When painting, Rotter references photos he’s taken usually only days prior so the image and feeling is still fresh in his mind. Each piece starts as a small oil sketch, where he focuses on colour and composition, this then may or may not lead to a larger canvas. Peter tries to paint every day. This is important for his work as well as his well being.


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