Nava Glazer

Nava Glazer has a B.A in fashion design from the Shenkar Institute of Design.
After a decade of designing in leading international fashion brands and department stores such as Victoria's Secret, Liz Claiborne, Kelvin Klein and Mark's and Spencer, she found herself being drawn to the world of jewellery design. 
She established her brand in 1993. Nava creates, designs and manufactures fashion jewellery, in her studio in Israel. 
She takes into consideration global trends and the latest styles in jewellery design when creating a new collection. Designs are cut out using laser technology and add on hand made details. She combines this technique with leather and brass chains coated in 925 silver or 24K gold with satin finish, making sure to use only the highest quality materials.
Nava Glazer’s jewellery is sold in high end boutiques in Israel and internationally through agents, show rooms and department stores in England Australia, Canada, and more.


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