Mark Birksted

Mark was formally trained in graphic design and spent years in this field. While searching for a new career and a creative outlet, he was introduced to Shayne Dark, an established Canadian Sculptor. Dark is known for his work which juxtaposes urban settings and the natural world using industrial and organic materials.

Mark found himself taken with Dark’s medium and started doing his own mixed media studies. He was invited to be Dark’s apprentice and has been working in his Kingston studio ever since. Mark immersed himself in the day-to-day work at the studio, learning about new materials and techniques and found ways to execute his creative ideas, making them tangible objects.

Mark’s hand-bent metal sculptures are a direct response to his frustrations with the digital realm of graphic design. The metals are bent at room temperature, using an anvil and Mark finds much satisfaction in the fact that the response from this industrial material is immediate; no bend can be undone with an ‘undo’ key.