Marit Meisler

ceMMent Design is a design studio in the Old City of Jaffa Israel featuring contemporary household objects, home decor and Modern Judaica. Designed by Marit Meisler the objects are hand made from concrete, bringing an architectural quality to household objects. Normally perceived as mundane, this ancient material is used to create everyday objects as well as holy artifacts. Used primarily in architecture on a large scale, concrete is introduced into the home as a small, intimate object. Although concrete is often thought of as a cold and industrial material, the ceMMent designs are warm and tactile.

The purpose of these designs is to rethink and redefine formal preconceptions of traditional objects which have been taken for granted. ceMMent design questions formal notions about such objects and challenges common assumptions about how certain forms, rooted in our collective psyches, are supposed to look, what materials they are made from, and how we use them. ceMMent creates a synthesis of everyday life with religious artifacts. The modern designs allows people to identify with a religious artifact and incorporate contemporary aesthetics into their homes. A unique mixture of cement is used in the studio that achieves specific qualities of strength, color and texture. Each piece is hand-made and individually processed in the studio, providing the products with their unique qualities.


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Cement Mezuzah

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