Kimberly Kiel

A business administration graduate, Kimberly spent the first decade of her professional life building a successful financial planning practice, first in Regina (Saskatchewan) and then in Calgary (Alberta). By 2003, she was ready for a change, so she sold her practice.

With no career "Plan B" in place, serendipity stepped in. A friend suggested she try out a painting course at a Calgary art shop. Kimberly had always loved creating things—in music and dance—but had no background in visual art. To her surprise, applying paint to canvas for the first time was life changing. At age 31, Kimberly’s career as an artist had begun.

Predominantly self-taught, Kimberly finds as much enjoyment in the process of painting as she does in her completed works. "For me, creating art is an expression of the joy and colour to be found in life."


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