Joanne Flatow-Jacobs

Joanne has many years of training, experience and an innate sensitivity to colour perception. She is the master of colour combining. Her careful uses of the full spectrum make for pleasing effects seen in no other scope. All the pieces used in her colour chambers are carefully selected for their individuality. The colour, texture and overall optical effect are meticulously chosen. Some of her scopes soothe and others excite, but all touch the inner child in us.

"My greatest challenge has been and continues to be constantly reinventing myself and keeping my designs fresh and innovative. It should be obvious to everyone that new creations must be original and optically outrageous. But it many not be so obvious that older designs, what I call old favourites, must also evoke. All artwork has a life cycle." 

Joanne is the originator of holographic Kaleidoscopes. Her intricate designs in oil, along with their signature floating music notes and spectacular effects, have brought her worldwide acclaim. Her work has been seen in many fine galleries and exhibits in the United States, Europe and the Far East.


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