Edna Ron

Edna Ron was born in Jerusalem, to a religious family, absorbing the atmosphere of Judaism at home.  After service in the army, she studied textile design at the University of Textile and Fashion "Shenkar". For years she had designed bedding and curtains. For 15 years now, Ron has her own studio for painting on silk, creating Judaica: challah covers, matza covers, talith and home textile products like: cushions, tablecloths and runners. All of her works are hand crafted. Her paintings combine Jewish tradition with a love of Israel. Colour combinations in her work are influenced by Israeli nature: Sun, blue sky, trees and flowers, the sea and desert. For Edna Ron colour is a language, with which she expresses emotions. She uses natural environmentally friendly materials in her work, Silk and linen, to create unique, one of a kind items.


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