Ed Branson

After receiving his B.A from Earlham College in Richmond, IN in 1979, Ed started professionally blowing glass in 1982.  His relationship to glass as a medium has been enhanced and explored with some of the world’s glass masters in various studio’s throughout the world including the Pilchuk Glass School and Pittsburg Glass Center. 

As an artist his mission is to educate and help people see and love beauty.  In his work Branson is concerned with capturing forms found in the natural world and forms that emerge from the process of glass blowing.  His knowledge of the material was built predominantly on day-to-day experience and exercise.  Through arduous studio practice Ed developed his artistic approach and believes mastering the material of glass involves understanding it and not controlling it.  In his words, “Trust the glass, have fun, accept mistakes, study nature and search for beautiful forms and colours inherent in glass’ personality.”  Ed’s interest lies in creating new techniques that combine with traditional techniques to create pieces that capture the nature of glass and the beauty of nature.


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