Don Stinson

Stinson Studios is a family operated business located in Tamworth, Ontario.  Don Stinson founded the studio under the name Don Stinson Woodworks and has been creating unique handmade Canadian salad bowls and sculptural burl art for over 30 years. Since 1982, the business has grown to include all members of the family and gain international recognition. 

As an Outdoor Education Instructor and student of both York University and Sheridan College, Don began his woodworking with the intention of producing wooden salad bowls and later art pieces which balance utility with the beauty he saw inherent in nature. Each step in the process of creating a bowl, a cutting board, or even a coaster, maintains the integrity of the wood used and the environment the wood comes from.

The wooden products that are created using Eastern Canadian woods, mostly maple, ash and yellow birch come from either small sustainable harvested family-run woodlots or reclaimed waste. The irregular shape and unique character of some woods make them ineffective for industrial purposes, and ideal for revealing the beauty and uniqueness inherent in each piece.

The Stinson’s spend the majority of their lives either in their rural studio or deeper in the Canadian wilderness.  Woodworking functions as their medium to communicate elements of their relationship with nature. Each finished piece represents a unique balance between the human desire to impose our will on nature and the individual character of the material.


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