Don Beamish

A native of Cape Breton, Don Beamish has been managing the Larch Wood Enterprises flooring and woodworking mill since it opened in the early ‘90’s. The unique design for the cutting boards was developed for the owner of the mill when the countertops for his new home were not ready in time for Thanksgiving a few years ago. The guests were so enamored by the boards that the craftsmen began to entertain the idea of designing and producing them. Don uses larch wood - also known as tamarack and hackmatack - which is from the only deciduous conifer in North America. The hardest of the softwoods, larch is amazingly resistant to water and decay, making the boards very durable.

Care Instructions: Use a moist cloth or sponge to remove any dirt. Sticky residue can be cleaned by using a small amount of mild detergent on the scrubby side of a sponge while holding the board under warm running water. To clean more thoroughly apply salt to the board and rub with a sponge that has been dampened with lemon juice. Treat with Larch Wood Cutting Board Conditioner.


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