Fire and Water: A Beautiful Unity - Amanda Arcuri & Lora Moore

This exhibition explores the use of two opposing elements in photography and how they embody beauty in the photographer’s eye. Moore captures the movement of dancers underwater to communicate elegance and tranquility. Arcuri experiments with fire and the fragility of flowers to bring new light from darkness. For both artists, photography acts as a healing and therapeutic release through the use of fire, water, nature, and the human figure.

Lit with stain glass, Amanda Arcuri's A Shot in the Dark, works through failed hopes and rituals of letting go or bringing new life. Dead floral bouquets or decorative plants are ignited by flame in darkness and then lit through a stained glass window to contemplate transcendence.

Working in the water for the past 6 years, Lora Moore has built an expansive portfolio of unique images. These hand selected images provide a small sampling of her collections. Lora manipulates her camera to capture abstractions often overlooked. She handcrafts costumes and backgrounds in order the achieve the effects that she seeks. Images are created in camera and she does not rely of photoshop to create the painterly effects seen.


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