Alex Kinsley

Alex Kinsley is a third generation goldsmith from Hamilton, Ontario, who appreciates the body as a canvas and the medium of metals. Alex apprenticed with his father for two years where he learned his way around the jewellers bench and the tools of the trade. Afterwards he was accepted into the Jewellery Arts program at George Brown College and graduated in 2013. Previously a summer resident at Harbourfront center's craft program, Alex is now the artist-in-residence at George Brown College's jewellery department. 

Alex's work focuses on the idea of repetition and growth. Taking simple forms and repeating them to create a new form or composition. The aesthetics are inspired by marine life found in the inter-tidal zone and among coral reefs, animals such as Mussels, Nudibranch, and Barnacles. 

Care Instructions: when cleaning any work with resin avoid any solvents (such as nail polish remover) as this will lift the resin from the work. Always support the back of the piece securely as you are cleaning to avoid breaking of the solder joints.


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